By Chinazamekpere Obi

Chinazamekpere Obi

A great strategy delineates exactly how your product will dominate its market. But what exactly is strategy? The term “strategy” is one of the most elastic in the world of business. Some managers define strategy as a plan, others define it as a kind of pattern, some others define strategy as a perspective or a ploy.

As a product manager launching a product, the strategy may be the thing that determines if your product succeeds or fails. So how exactly should you be going about your product strategy?

The book Understanding Michael Porter details how managers should…

by Folakunle Olajide.

Data aggregation is an important aspect of information technology.

According to, data aggregation is the process of gathering data and presenting it in a summarized format. The data may as well be gathered from multiple data sources with the intent of combining the data sources into a summary for data analysis.

Over a period of time, a lot of money and time has been lost in Africa trying to track crime and other cyber-security frauds. Data aggregation seeks to harness multiple data to be able to deliver the required data or information which is useful in…

By Michael Oragwa


Product Discovery is a culture that exists in every successful product team. The days of gathering requirements from business stakeholders and documenting them in long product requirements documents are vanishing. We no longer take months or years to release value to our customers. Instead, product teams are experimenting their way to viable solutions. We are putting our customers first, taking the time to discover unmet needs, and developing solutions that address those needs as fast as possible.

In software product development process, certain activities are usually carried out. The process encompasses all steps needed to take a…

by Janet Bishung


In the field of technology, no matter how good your product is, there is always a user somewhere having difficulty using it. This difficulty can be in the area of product installation, integrations, login errors or device peculiar issues.

This difficulty can lead to frustration, negative impact on user experience, loss in productivity and finally, loss in revenue as the user might decide to opt-out of using your product.

In order to stay in and grow your company, there is a need to prevent such difficulties.

For this reason, having a technical support service is essential.

The importance of tech support


Just as it was for most people, 2020 was a year of mixed emotions for us at Youverify. The year had its own fair share of the sweet and not-so-sweet but we’re very thankful that we ended the year on a great note.

In this article, we will briefly recount some exciting memories, mention the not-so-exciting and relive the lessons we learnt. The reason we will share is so that we can roundly celebrate our wins, no matter how small, and share our future aspirations with our stakeholder community and friends.

Here, let us get going with the recap:

$1.5m Seed Round Investment raising


by Chukwuemeka Ajima

The circuit breaker pattern is a very well known pattern in software engineering, microservices architecture especially. In microservices, numerous services are usually dependent on one another and these services are usually distributed on the same or different remote servers and as a system, all the services need to always be up with a very low request-response latency to ensure the smooth operation of the entire system. But in practice, things don’t always turn out the intended way.

Assuming one service that many other services depend on goes down or starts exhibiting high request-response latency, then all the…

by Harriet Emesomhike Dako

YouVerify got certified for ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 on September 20th, 2020. Amidst the whole pandemic and lockdown, we had to start with the process of the certification irrespective of what was going on.

Getting this certification was a great project for us as a tech company responsible for people’s PII (Personal Identifiable Information).

The Team

Harriet Emesomhike Dako, was the project lead, acting CISO, and Internal Auditor for the team. Alongside were other team members like Famous Ehichioya (Chief Technology Officer), Similoluwa Opayemi (In-house Legal Counsel and Data Protection Officer), Anita Ebere Okwuowulu (People Operations Specialist)…

by Seyi Akinkugbe

When Apple launched the iPhone in 2007 to much fanfare, the Apple App Store was virtually non-existent. Steve Jobs had considered keeping control of app development in-house, in other words, limiting the design and development of apps on its range of device platforms to Apple’s internal teams.

Seyi Akinkugbe

Fortunately, that approach was shelved in favour of an open app store that allowed anyone to imagine and build to their heart’s content. As of Q2 2020, there are 1.82 million apps available on Apple’s App Store and 2.7 million on Google Play with billions in revenue generated.

The explosion…


Most data protection legislations have included consent as one of the lawful bases for processing information of data subject. Other bases include the performance of a contract, a legitimate interest, a vital interest, a legal requirement and public interest.

While the other bases are less ambiguous and require minimal involvement from the data subject, consent requires the data subject to take an affirmative decision before his data can be lawfully processed. For this reason, consent must be clearly defined and properly obtained to avoid issues of data processing breach.

Similoluwa Opayemi

What is Consent?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, consent can be an output or…

Identity management is important and cannot be overemphasized. It is so strategic that almost all the past government administrations in Nigeria since 1976 have considered it a critical space for development.

Recently, the Presidency, via the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (OSGF), inaugurated a Steering Committee for the Nigeria Digital Identity, to develop the Ecosystem Project to ensure that issues of identity management stay at the forefront and ensure that the government achieves its objectives.

Considering that my company, Youverify, is a key player in the Nigerian identity management ecosystem, some stakeholders have repeatedly sought…


Easy and Modern background checks for Africa

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